How To Change Your Location On Android Step By Step [2023]

How to change your location on Android Using the App

You are here because of how to change your location on Android. The safety of their data is a priority requirement for many users, and geolocation is one of the key points of personal security. You can protect your privacy and secure your real location by exposing social networks and app navigators with false GPS data.

Thus, they will not be able to track your location and share it with third parties. For this, we will use the official Fake GPS Location Professional app how to change your location on Android.

How to change your location:

1. Open Google Play and enter the name of the application “Fake GPS Location Professional” or follow the direct link to the utility – CLICK. Install it using the “Install” button.

2. To change the location on our device using this utility, we need to make “Developer Mode” on our device. To do this, go to “Phone settings”, then “About phone” and repeatedly click on the item “Build number” or “Miui version”, depending on which brand of Android you have. You will see a popup “You have become a developer”.
Go to “Advanced settings”, you have an item “For Developers”, click on it.

We are looking for the item “Application for fictitious locations”, open it

We select our application “Fake GPS Location Professional”. Done, let’s move on.

3. Open the application. We allow the application to access data about the location of the device.

Select a point on the map so that your geolocation changes. Click once on the desired point.

Click “Play” in the lower right corner of the utility

Your location has changed, now you can go to Google Maps to check. The location that you specified in the program is displayed. That is all about how to change your location on Android.

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