How To Check Sim Owner Name A comprehensive Guide [2023]

How to find out who a mobile phone number is registered to

Sometimes it is necessary to find out how to check sim owner name if is registered.

For example, when they persistently call you and write threatening SMS. Or when you want to make a big purchase and are trying to figure out if you are being scammed. Or when you bought a SIM card in transit and are afraid that it could be used for fraudulent purposes.

Let’s figure out how to check sim owner name from various operators: with or without a SIM card.

View data in your account

This method is suitable if you have a SIM card at hand, the owner of which needs to be identified. This can happen in several cases:

  • When you purchased a SIM card from an unofficial representative and are not sure that it is registered to you;
  • When you bought a smartphone or other mobile device with a pre-installed SIM card;
  • When you find someone else’s cell and are trying to find out who owns it contact the owner.

Whatever the reason, if you have a SIM card with the right number, you can enter the user’s account. There you will find all the necessary personal data – the name of the owner, the personal account number, and the date of registration of the SIM card.

Let’s figure out how to do this on SIM cards of different operators.

How to find out who the MTS number is issued to

To find out who the MTS SIM is registered to, do the following:

  • Go to the official website of the operator:
  • Find the “Login” button in your account in the upper right corner. Click on it, and in the drop-down menu, select “Mobile communications”.
  • Enter the number and enter the password if you know it. If not, click on the “Forgot password” link and wait for a message from the operator.

After authorization, you will be redirected to your account. The full name of the owner can be viewed on the main page of the site, as well as when going to your account in the “You manage” column. Here you will also see the account balance, active tariff plan, connected services, and more.

Need detailed information, including passport details? Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, and select “Profile Management”. Here, comprehensive information about the owner of the number will be available, filled in based on an agreement with a mobile operator.

How to find out the owner of a Megafon number

To find out the name of the owner of the number from Megafon, you need:

  • Go to the official website of the operator: Click on the “My Account” button in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the number and password from your account, or choose authorization by SMS. In the second case, you need to wait for a message from MegaFon and enter the sent four-digit code in the field.
  • Look in the upper right corner: the name of the owner will be visible under the phone.

To get more detailed information, go to the “Settings” section and select the “Personal data” item there – this function is available only in the old version of your account.

Here you will find the full name of the owner, personal account, and date of registration of the SIM card. You can also specify the date of birth, e-mail for receiving newsletters, and a contact phone number.

How to find out who the Tele2 number is registered to

You can find the name of the person to whom the Tele2 number is registered as follows:

  • Open the operator’s website: Click the “Login to your personal account” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the login option: with or without a password. In the first case, you need to enter the phone number and a six-digit code from the SMS, in the second – enter the phone number, select “Log in with password”, and specify the password set earlier.
  • The owner’s data is indicated on the main page under the number.

By going to the “Profile” tab, you will also see all the necessary personal information about the owner of the phone: last name, and email address.

How to find out the owner of a beeline number

It will be a little more difficult to understand who owns the Beeline SIM card. The fact is that here in the personal account, the personal data of the owner is not indicated.

You can find out the name of the owner of the beeline number like this:

  • Go to the official website: Click on the yellow “My Account” button in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your phone number or login, and click “Next”.
  • Enter a password or select “Get password”. In the second case, wait for an SMS with a temporary password and enter it in the required field.
  • After authorization, go to the “Help and Feedback” section and select the “Create an appeal” item there. Request a scanned copy of the contract to your work e-mail.

Still, on how to check sim owner name, in the contract, you can see the full name of the owner and his other personal data: address, email, number, and series of the passport. Such requests are most often approved because technical support believes that only the owner can apply for a copy of the contract from their account.

However, if you agreed with the operator after 2019, you can download it yourself. To do this, in your account, go to the “Settings” tab in the vertical menu on the left, and then open the “Agreement” tab in the horizontal menu on top – click “Download Agreement”, and save it to your computer or phone.

Note that the operator promises to implement the possibility of downloading the contract for all subscribers shortly. However, the exact timing of the implementation is not yet known.

Write a statement to the operator

The most obvious option on how to find out who the SIM card is registered to is to contact the office of the mobile operator that owns the desired number.

A simple call or appeal will not be enough here: employees do not have the right to disclose the personal information of customers, so you will receive a refusal.

You can only find out the name of the owner if you write a statement and indicate good reasons for such a request: threats, fraud, telephone hooliganism, and so on.

After the application is made, company executives can meet you halfway and provide personal information about the owner. But this rarely works – most often the operator refuses to act until you bring a statement from the prosecutor’s office.

View databases of phone numbers

 Another option on how to check the sim owner name, is databases with numbers and names of clients are classified information. But often hackers break into the protection and copy them, and then distribute the information in the public domain.

You can find databases:

  • On torrents;
  • On the radio markets of your city;
  • on specialized sites.

Most often, the information in the databases is outdated. But many people have been using the same number for years, so chances are you’ll get lucky.

This method rarely works. There is a much higher chance of catching viruses on your computer – so do not forget to check all downloaded files before you run them.

Use search services

Databases have been replaced by search services that find information about a person by his phone number. The data is taken from open sources: social networks, message boards, instant messengers, and job search sites.

The addresses of such sites are constantly changing, but you can always find relevant options in the search results.

Some of the search services are free, while others ask you to send an SMS to the specified number and charge a fixed amount for this.

Attention! Such sites are often created by scammers who steal personal data, subscribe to services or infect devices with viruses. Be careful: there is a big risk that you will spend money and be left with nothing.

Call and ask

A free and easy option to find out who the number is registered with is to call him and ask for his full name directly. But you will have to introduce yourself as someone else to whom a person can entrust their data.

How to check the sim owner name, you must:

  • Use another SIM card that you have never received a call from the desired number. Ideally, buy a new one;
  • Introduce yourself as the manager, call center operator, recruiter, or social worker who is conducting the survey. Which role to choose is entirely up to you;
  • Talk to a person, win him over, and at the end of the conversation ask him to give his name and surname.

We do not recommend using this option on how to check sim owner name: there are ways much easier and more honest.

If you still decide to use it, think in advance what you will say. And rehearse your speech in front of a mirror to sound convincing.

Replenish the account of the number in the communication salon

It will not work to find out directly from the operator who owns this or that cell phone. But you can do the following in regards to how to check sim owner name.

  • Go to the communication salon, go to the consultant, and tell him the number on which you need to replenish the account.
  • Ask the consultant to give the last name to check if the phone number is entered correctly.

Most employees report the name of the owner. If it doesn’t work, you can go to another salon on how to check sim owner name.

Find profiles in social networks and instant messengers

Many social networks and instant messengers now have user identification by phone number. If the person you are looking for uses them, it will be very easy for you to find them.

How to check sim owner name in Viber or WhatsApp messengers, you need to:

  • Copy the desired number, open the messenger, and start a new dialogue. In the case of Viber, this is the “Add subscriber” button, in the case of WhatsApp and Telegram, you need to add the subscriber to the phone book and then select it in the contact list;
  • Click on the user’s icon and go to his profile.

Usually, messengers indicate little information about themselves, but from the photo and signature, you can understand who you are dealing with.

It is even easier to implement a search on VKontakte or Facebook. All you need is to open the search field, and instead of the first and last name, enter the mobile number there. Soon you will see the profile to which it is linked, and there – all the necessary information, if it is indicated by a person.

Searching for owner information – is it legal?

There are a lot of working options on how to check sim owner name. It remains only to understand: are your actions legal at all? Or is the search for personal information punishable by law?

From a legal point of view, the actions listed above are perfectly legal. Whether you choose to search social media profiles or ask for your last name during a call, it is not considered an offense. Exactly until you start distributing personal data without the knowledge of the owner.

So feel free to look for the name of the owner of the cell – you have every right to do so on how to check sim owner name.

Contact the secret services

If your phone receives threatening calls or messages, the same subscriber constantly gets you, or you encounter a scammer and are trying to figure him out, you should not look for the owner of the phone on your own. It is much better to contact law enforcement agencies and file a complaint so that they can be of assistance on how to check sim owner name.

At the request of the police, the operator will provide all the necessary data about the owner: full name, passport number, and registration address to law enforcement agencies. You can get information as soon as possible, find the owner of the phone number, and deal with the problem once and for all. An easy way how to check sim owner name.

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