How To Edit Scanned Documents On Windows PC For Free [2023]


How to edit scanned documents

How to edit scanned documents in Word is a question that is regularly asked by most users. If you’ve ever wondered how to edit scanned documents in Word, it’s not difficult at all. Before entering the phrase “how to edit scanned documents in Word” in a search engine, it is recommended to read this post, here you will find comprehensive information on the topic. You will also receive a list of the best programs available on the Internet.

Part 1. How to edit scanned documents in Word?

The process of editing a scanned document in Word is very easy to perform. Follow the steps in this guide, and be sure to get the desired result.

    • Step 1: Open OneNote and then create a new document. To do this, click ” File ” > ” New “.
    • Step 2: Insert the scanned image from your local drive by clicking ” Insert ” > “Image”.
    • Step 3: After adding the image, right-click on it and select ” Copy text from image “.
    • Step 4: Open a new Word document to continue the process.
    • Step 5: Right-click, open the ” Paste Options ” section and select the ” Keep Source Formatting ” option to paste the text from the picture and complete the process. The same result can be obtained by right-clicking and pressing the K key.

It is very important to edit scanned documents in MS Word. There are several benefits to this. Some of them are listed below.

  • You save your time and effort by typing text once.
  • The process is very simple, so it won’t take you long to complete it.
  • The human factor is minimized, so the copied text is always accurate.
  • There are many handy programs that perform high-quality text recognition (OCR). It is strongly recommended that you use them instead of manually printing.

Part 2. How to edit a scanned PDF document?

This process of editing a scanned PDF document is quite simple and will not require much effort from you using PDFelement. The following are the required steps.

Step 1: Open the PDF

How to edit scanned documents

Open the scanned PDF in PDFelement using the Open File button. Alternatively, drag the scanned image into the software to automatically open it as a PDF.

Step 2: Perform OCR

How to edit scanned documents

Click the ” Tool ” > ” OCR ” button, and select ” Editable Text ” to continue.

Step 3. Edit PDF

After the text recognition is completed, the new PDF file will open in the program automatically. Click the Edit button on the top left corner of the screen to start editing the newly created Editable PDF.

Part 3. Benefits of PDF Documents

PDF is one of the formats great for individual use. PDF has many advantages over Word or any other format. Some of the PDF features are not available in any other formats. PDF conveniently organizes many processes – from data transfer to editing, so it is a very intuitive format. For a deeper understanding of the features of the PDF format, you need to study its work. The PDF format ensures the security of user data, as special software is required to edit this type of file.

  • PDF allows you to search for a word or phrase throughout your document with a simple command.
  • Using the audit trail of a PDF document, its owner can restrict unauthorized access for other users.
  • Files of any format can be converted to PDF without quality loss.
  • The PDF format has high visual readability, which means that files of this format can be transferred to any device.
  • PDF is compatible with almost all devices, which means that they can be freely transferred from one device to another.
  • PDF files are much easier to work with than any other format.

PDFelement is one of the most advanced software that allows you to easily and efficiently edit PDF files. This software has a lot of advantages. The program is equipped with everything you need to work with PDF, including a nice interface and ease of use. Working with PDF files has never been as easy as with this program. The best part of PDFelement is its optical character recognition feature, which is always the focus of developers when updates are released.

Here you will find a complete guide to PDFelement.

  • Open, save, print, and mark up PDF files with this program.
  • Authenticate documents and add electronic signatures with a few clicks.
  • Use the program’s capabilities to recognize the whole document or a part of your choice.
  • Unblock image text with this program.
  • Use batch conversions, numbering, watermarking, and data extraction.

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF application for the most convenient work

How to edit scanned documents

The powerful automatic shape recognition function makes it easy to process shapes.

Retrieve data easily, efficiently, and accurately with Form Data Extraction.

Convert stacks of paper documents to digital format with OCR for better archiving.

Edit documents without changing fonts or formatting.

A completely new design that allows you to evaluate the working documents contained in it.

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