How To Make WhatsApp Status Video With Song [2023]

how to make WhatsApp status video with song and share the song with friends? We will learn how to bypass restrictions and use a small life hack that will open access to the world of your favorite music. Your contacts will hear cool tracks!

Is it possible

Let’s start with the main thing regarding how to make WhatsApp status video with song – it’s impossible to officially put music in WhatsApp status, there is no such possibility in the messenger. If you open the corresponding interface, you will see a text menu and an option to add a photo and video. The audio file cannot be downloaded. How to be?

We will tell you how to put a song in the status in WhatsApp – there is a little trick that all users can resort to. We mentioned above that the stories functionality supports the ability to add a video. We will simply upload a video with your favorite music composition that you want to share!

Before we figure out how to add music to the WhatsApp status, let’s remember the basic rules. The uploaded file will be available for a maximum of 24 hours and can be viewed by all users unless otherwise specified in the privacy settings.

  • Log in to the messenger;
  • Click on the settings gear on the iPhone, on Android, enter the settings through the three dots at the top right;
  • Go to the “Account” or “Account” section (depending on the operating system);
  • Go to the Privacy tab ;
  • Enter the desired subsection – you will immediately recognize by the name;
  • Select a parameter value. Who can view stories? All contacts, favorites, or all but.

We are done with the privacy settings – let’s go directly to the question of how to make WhatsApp status video with song using video in the WhatsApp status. Let’s take advantage of the available options!

What do we have to do?

First, remember – the duration of the uploaded video should not be more than thirty seconds. Longer clips will be automatically trimmed to the desired length.

  • Open the messenger and click on the creation story button – on the iPhone it is at the bottom, on Android – the tab is at the top;
  • Click on the “Add” button or click on the camera icon;
  • The camera window will open – you can hold down the big button to shoot video online;
  • Or click on the picture icon on the bottom left to go to the gallery and select a video that will allow you to add music to WhatsApp to the status.

Don’t forget to make sure you can hear the music perfectly! Now let’s start editing:

  • On the top panel there is a cropping button and a cropping panel – you can select the appropriate settings;
  • Click on the smiley to add stickers;
  • The “T” icon allows you to write several words in different fonts;
  • A pencil is needed if you want to draw a character by hand.

Once you’re done editing, add a caption in the box below and click on the blue airplane to post your creation. Everything worked out!

It’s important to remember! If you are offered to put music on the status in WhatsApp using third-party services or applications, refuse. It is technically impossible to download an audio recording, with a one hundred percent probability you are a scammer. If you want to give away access to your account or lose data and money, it is better not to agree to such offers.

They told me how to make WhatsApp status video with song- there is only one option, not suitable for everyone. If you’re ready to upload the video, then go for it! You will get an interesting story that people from your contact list will be happy to watch.

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