How To Send Xender Through Bluetooth Free [2023]


how to send xender through bluetooth

Sometimes it is necessary to send different files directly from one terminal to another because email can be somewhat tedious or simply avoided for security reasons. Well, here’s how to send Xender through Bluetooth and moreover, in a simple and intuitive way.

One of the main strengths of this development is the wide compatibility it offers, since it has no restrictions placed by the operating system on the type of file it can send (so the terminal needs to be unprotected -rooted-). For example, using Xender, you can send a song, view images, continue to view a text file, as well as APK files (which are executable files for installing applications).

In addition, the speed at which sending actions are performed is also very fast. According to the developer, the Bluetooth interface is far behind. up to 50 times faster (In our experience, we have found that the speed level is not the same, but it can be four times faster than the above wireless connection). What’s more, thanks to the bandwidth it works with, it’s capable of improving data transfers to five devices at the same time, which we tested and really surprised us with its efficiency.

The key to Xender: cross-platform

how to send xender through bluetooth

Without a doubt, this is something that we really liked and that users will certainly appreciate. And when we talk about multi-platform, we mean that it is possible, for example, to send files from one Android device to another using iOS. That would already be a good detail, but it’s also possible to connect it to a PC (using the Xender PC website).

Is Xender very useful? Actually yes. For example, you can send applications to other users by simply moving the selected file on the screen. But that’s not all, because, for example, if you change the terminal with this development, you can completely reproduce the information that is stored, which allows you to make the process as comfortable and fast as possible.

If you want to download Xender, you can do it for free at the Play Store and also translate it into Spanish. Its requirements are minimal since if Android 2.3.3 is installed and 3.7 MB of free space in the terminal, it worked out perfectly. Other applications for phones and tablets running the Google operating system can be found in this Android Help section.

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