How To Stabilize Video On Android Full Step-By-Step Guide In [2023]


how to stabilize video on android

If you are a photo and video lover and have a mid or low-end Android terminal, especially those terminals that come to us from China at very low prices and scandalous specifications, then the following video tutorial or advice will come like a glove and I will give you the one that for me is the best means on how to stabilize video on android.

An application that you probably know because it is certainly pre-installed on your Android terminal in its original form. An application that when you know what it can do in terms of video stabilization, we are sure that it will be one of the essential applications on your Android devices if you need to make a lot of video recordings.

What do you want to know about the application I’m talking about and which I’m showing you in the attached video, how well does it work for video stabilization? Well, I recommend that you keep reading this post and also take a look at the attached video so you can see for yourself how well this feature works that you probably didn’t know about. Great photo gallery app.

Leaving us already intrigued by the name of the app, tell them we’re talking about nothing more or less than the Google Photo Gallery app, or something that amounts to the same thing. Google Photos o Google Photos.

Some time ago I have already published a guide to learn how to rotate videos and videos in which he explained some of the features that this photo gallery app has that are more than a simple Android photo gallery and come from the app itself, in In addition to having a powerful and beautiful photo gallery, we also have tools or features that are very, very interesting.

So we have an integrated assistant, an option that allows us to clean up the internal memory of our Android device, the impressive functionality of unlimited cloud storage to store all our photos and videos even with automatic backup and conditioning, and options such as a trash can in which our deleted photos and videos are kept for 30 days. In this case, at this time we regret the deleted file and want to restore it without any problem other than opening the recycle bin and restoring the file in question.

I’ll explain it all to you in the next video I made just a week ago, which I encourage you to watch until the end as you’re about to know the best tips for getting the most out of the Google Photos app.

What You Should Know About Google Photos That You Probably Didn’t Know

The functionality I learned how to stabilize video on Android, thanks to the Android community on Youtube. After this video, after reading the comments left by Androidsis community members in particular, a couple of community members told me: great results that can be achieved with this video stabilization option integrated into the Google Photos app.

How to stabilize video from your Android

how to stabilize video on android

Collect the desired video by clicking on it as if we were going to watch it later. Click the edit icon and click on the “Stabilize video” option.

And just from that, the video stabilization process will start fully automatically, giving us results that are true, and never better to say for that matter, these are movie results.

In addition to this sensational video stabilization option, an option also appears that allows us to rotate the video in the direction we are interested in. This is a particularly useful option to flip that video we’ve recorded, and don’t really understand why when we put it in portrait or landscape mode, it insists on showing itself in the opposite mode.

how to stabilize video on android


I’m really telling you that the results obtained in terms of video stabilization are really incredible, so much so that they can save the videos that we record on the cameras of those inexpensive terminals of Chinese origin, in which their forte is usually not in the built-in cameras, but in more in the supposed video stabilizers they have.

If your terminal did not have the Google Photos app pre-installed, you can download and install it on your device completely free of charge from the Google Play store and get wide ways on how to stabilize video on Android.

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