How To Unbanned From WhatsApp Quickly [2023]


how to unbanned from whatsapp quickly

Diamond in a vacuum slowly turns into graphite, but this can take millions of years. Much faster and more often there is an account blocking in WhatsApp. So, communication important for the user may be interrupted, and processes related to work or study will stop.

How to unbanned from WhatsApp quickly? How to unblock your WhatsApp profile and restore access to your Messenger account after a ban? How to understand that your interlocutor has blacklisted your phone number? Let’s look at the answers to these questions and tips on how to bypass blocking in the application in the article.

Account blocked in WhatsApp: types of blocking

how to unbanned from whatsapp quickly

To unblock a profile and continue using this messenger, first try to determine the type of blocking. There are the following options:

  • Temporary blocking will last from a day to 48 hours. Such a ban is usually applied if too many messages are sent from the account to unknown users who are not on the contact list. Or they are engaged with increased activity in the creation of mailings through WhatsApp. Also, an account can be temporarily blocked if there are a lot of complaints from subscribers or if it is often banned in personal chats. Another reason for blocking is to sit in WhatsApp as in a messenger but use third-party applications for this. In this case, you may suddenly find out that my number is blocked.
  • A permanent ban implies that the user has lost access to the account forever if they cannot prove to the WA support team that they are right in this situation and become a victim of an error. You can get such a block for violating the rules of the WhatsApp application, for actions in the form of sending messages using ads and spam, and for prohibited content.
  • Blocking by a specific person. The WhatsApp application itself may have nothing to do with it if the user decides to block someone’s profile for an inappropriate comment in a message or for another reason.

What are the reasons for blocking a WhatsApp account?

how to unbanned from whatsapp quickly

You need to find out the popular reasons for blocking so that your profile is not blocked because of them. Try this:

  • Do not send messages to people whose contacts are not in your phone’s address book.
  • Do not bulk send to a large number of users if you do not use a business account in the official WhatsApp Business API application using the Wazzup service.
  • Try to build communication with customers in such a way that the person is interested. Or so that users themselves initiate a chat conversation, and your profile would not receive complaints and spam flags from them, after which you will have to think about how to unlock your account.
  • Do not create multiple groups with new members (not from your contact list). For this, the service may block the profile.
  • Do not try to send many messages to people whose geolocation is different from yours, if we talk about different countries.
  • You need not violate the rules for using WA. Using the messenger, you cannot promote goods and services defined by law.
  • Do not be absent from the application for more than six months. They can also get banned for this.
  • Do not communicate on behalf of another user.

If you are faced with blocking for the first time, then most likely the ban will end automatically, and you will restore your account in a day when it is unblocked. For a repeated violation, the system may block access to WhatsApp for two to three days. If such warnings do not work, it is unlikely that you will be able to use this profile – it will be blocked forever.

What to do to unblock WhatsApp when temporarily blocked

WhatsApp notices hacked accounts and those used through third-party versions of the messenger, so the service can block such numbers. It happens that a profile gets banned for up to two days due to some kind of system error.

In fact, the blocking of WhatsApp (in this case it should be temporary) will help to get around a simple way – to wait for the ban time to pass. As a rule, it is from 24 to 72 hours.

Whatsapp account can be unlocked like this:

  • if you use a third-party program for which you have been blocked, you will have to remove it, but before that, do not forget to back up your data;
  • download from Google Play (for Android) or from the App Store (for iOS) and install the official version of the application on your smartphone;
  • wait 48 hours before trying to register again;
  • try changing the dynamic (non-permanent) IP address: to do this, disconnect the gadget from the operator’s network for 10 minutes;
  • log in to the application after 48 hours, when WhatsApp cancels the ban;
  • don’t forget to restore the data you backed up.

How to bypass the block if it is permanent

If moderators have permanently blocked your account, you have the opportunity to write to them at You must provide the phone number that was associated with your account, device specifications, and a description of the problem. Ask to restore your account. If specialists check the information and realize that an error has occurred, then the support service will help you regain access to the popular messenger.

What to do if blocked, but technical support did not help? Use another loophole:

  • You can try reinstalling Messenger. Delete the program from the device and download it again. Make sure you back up your data first so you don’t lose it.
  • Reset the settings to factory settings, and then reinstall the WhatsApp application on your phone and log in to it.
  • Create a new account with a completely different number.
  • It happens that all these methods do not work because WhatsApp determines the blocked number by the IP address of the phone. A radical method will help here – change the device and the SIM card.

What to do if someone blacklisted your number

Finding yourself on the blacklist of another user is not so difficult:

  • If you send a message, and one gray checkmark flaunts on it, you may not be welcome, and the SMS will not reach the addressee. But this is an indirect sign because one tick can be when one of the interlocutors has problems with the Internet.
  • Instead of an account avatar, you have a system splash screen.
  • You cannot see the current status of the subscriber who blocked you.
  • Calling from the blacklist, too, alas, will not work.

If, nevertheless, you are serious and eager to write to someone who blocked you, you can change your phone number while you are logging out of the WhatsApp system. For this:

  • Sign in to the app.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right and select “Settings”.
  • Then select “Account” ⇒ “Change number”.
  • Change your old phone number to a new one.
  • Get verified.
  • Write to the desired subscriber.

This method helps to save all numbers and correspondence. When you change your SIM card, the messenger offers to inform your contacts about the new number.

Don’t wait millions of years for everything to resolve itself. Use the tips from the article to unblock your WhatsApp account.

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