How To Watch Star Sports Live On Mobile Free [2023]

Top 10 Sports & Football Streaming Apps

The article below lists a few of the top-rated and how to watch star sports live on mobile free.

Sports fans are always interested in staying connected and watching matches in real-time to see how their favorite team performs on the field. They want all events and the latest news about sports results to be available in real-time. Have a look at the solution on how to watch star sports live on mobile free. 

Living among modern technologies, you can now easily enjoy all these features on the screen of your smartphone. The latest sports streaming apps let you watch videos from anywhere in the world at any time. With so many sports streaming apps on the market now, how do you choose the best app to get instant updates on your favorite team’s scores?

Below we will detail some of the best free sports streaming apps, this information will help you choose the best free sports streaming app:

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Brief description of the best sports streaming apps

1. Mobdro

Mobdro is a fantastic online application that is available for free. It is widely used for video streaming and allows users to easily find their favorite videos online. This application is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems. Here you can get a lot of cool features like saved bookmarks, etc. This means you can bookmark your favorite video content so you can easily come back later. Mobdro TV Free Sport has a huge database that can save a lot of videos.

Price: Free use without purchase

2. 365 scores

It contains a lot of content related to tennis, basketball, football, American football, and many other news related to the sports world. You can also view highlights, videos, standings, and brackets through notifications. All this is available in one place on a convenient platform. With this application, you can customize the viewing of only the content that interests you. Just set up notifications and you’ll be able to follow all your favorite sports channels in one place. It is well known for its games and online events that take place all over the world.

Price: Free/ $0.99 – $139.99 per license

3. YipTV

If you want to get rid of the problems that cable companies create but don’t want to compromise for your favorite sporting events, then YipTV is the best option for you. It offers an attractive freemium-type subscription model with a lot of unique live channels. This platform is growing day by day and it currently offers over 100 live TV channels that cover sports, entertainment, and news. So every viewer has something unique. Some of the most popular channels include Euronews, Bloomberg, Flight Network, BelN Sports, and many more.

Price: Free. Has monthly subscription plan: $14.99, yearly subscription: $49.99.


ESPN is well known as a superstar in the world of sports broadcasting. This company currently offers leading services as a sportswriter. On average, they serve about 100 million viewers in the US per month, and the number of viewers is increasing every day. It has many stable C6 channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN Classic. All of them work 24 hours, and offer the latest information on a wide variety of sporting events, news, and other analytics.

Price: Free.

5. La Liga TV

This mobile application allows users to access live coverage of all women’s football matches. As the name suggests, this app provides instant updates on La Liga news, scores, and events. It works great on both iOS and Android platforms, providing easy access to the premium season of matches.

You can get instant updates on matches and performances of your favorite team at various sporting events. Just like YouTube, this app also has a “Watch Videos Later” section that allows users to access some interesting videos anytime. This application is available for free and requires very little space on your device.

Price: Free.


Here is another interactive software application for sports lovers that offers high-quality content with wide support for popular games on how to watch star sports live on mobile free. A lot of additional features are available for it, which can be easily marked as favorites. This allows users to play high-quality video as well as audio content with efficient synchronization. You can get real-time game information through notifications that will keep you informed every moment.

Price: Free.


With this app, you can enjoy streaming video of live matches including tennis, cricket, rugby, and football. Even beginners can easily access its clear interface and get live streaming of any club match instantly. You’ll be happy to know that SuperSport also gives you access to live commentary, group chats, and online chats.

In case you miss a live match due to a busy schedule, this app can help you get all the highlights in video format when the match is over. Users can also follow their favorite team in this app and get instant updates on their matches. It also provides notifications as a reminder of upcoming matches with dates and times.

Price: Completely free.

8. CBS Sports

Still worried about how to watch star sports live on mobile free! It is a modern sports streaming app that is also available for free on iOS and Android. Users can watch live broadcasts of matches, gaining access to the latest information about all sporting events around the world.

Once you download and register on this app, select your favorite sports club and this app will start providing instant notifications of all results, team line-ups, and statistics. This application allows users to follow at least 8 games at the same time on one screen. You can also customize the look and feel of this app with a custom navigation link and watch the sports you love the most.

Price: Free for everyone.

9. FlashScore

This free app can give you all the details about your favorite teams and display the information at all times when you can’t watch the match live. It also allows users to keep track of current text comments for matches while getting all the updates they need. FlashScore provides easy access to 5000 competitions and 30 different sports. It will also remind you of match times with automatic notifications.

Price: Free.

10. live score

No matter what sporting event you want to track from anywhere in the world, the LiveScore app can give you instant access to how to watch star sports live on mobile free to all details. This application is widely used on Android platforms as well as iOS devices as it provides direct access to popular games such as cricket, hockey, basketball, tennis, and many more.

Users highly appreciate it for its interactive interface and ability to work perfectly even with a slow Internet connection. It consumes less traffic, providing fast and operational detailing. Sports fans can also get instant information about the results of matches in various leagues and competitions. But to use this app, users must have Android OS 2.0.1 or later on their phone,

Price: Free.

Every sports lover would do well to get a streaming app for their device that will help them stream their favorite sports videos seamlessly. There are a lot of applications available on the Internet, and most of them allow you to watch sports broadcasts. Let’s find out in the comments what apps you use to watch live sports and if the guide on how to watch star sports live on mobile free has been helpful.

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